Thursday, February 7, 2013

White & Blue Painted Flower Cake!

It was my grandmother's Birthday last Friday and being a recent transfer from Montreal to Toronto, I'd finally get to celebrate her Birthday with her since she too lives in the T.!

I just knew I wanted to make her something special and I had several ideas floating around in my noggin but one stood out in particular!

I have these blue and white dishes that a friend & co-worker from Montreal bought for me before I made the move to Toronto, and everytime my grandmother comes over she raaaaves about the dishes and the colours! With that in mind, I have been dying to make a painted cake! So I smooshed those two ideas together and got to work!

Here are my white petals waiting to be dusted.

Coloured and assembled:

First part of painting DONE!

And all put together...

And of course, matching cupcakes!

Everyone looooooved the cake! I was so happy with the way it turned out! I really just LOVE the look of painted cakes and it was soooooo much fun to make!

Definitely one of my new faves! :)

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