Friday, March 26, 2010

A Special Thank You Cake!

I'm currently in my last semester of university (2 1/2 weeks left!!) and cannot wait to graduate so that I can follow my dreams and head off to pastry school! Throughout my university career, many people have helped me along the way and this past week when I needed some major help (and QUICKLY), one person in particular truly stepped up to the plate and worked her magic!

I was SO grateful and wanted to thank her with a special gift - a cake!

It turned out to be the perfect thank you gift! It also quickly became one of my favourite cakes that I've made thus far and I can't wait to make more like it!

Missoni Mission

It's become a birthday tradition in my friend Jaclyn's home to celebrate with a cake by me! So with her mom's birthday fast approaching, Jaclyn got right to work to come up with the perfect birthday cake idea. After some thought, Jaclyn found a gorgeous Missoni sweater that she wanted me to use for inspiration for her mom's birthday cake.

I used the colours and the squiggly stripe pattern of the sweater to come up with my own interpretation of a Missoni cake!

Jaclyn and her family (and especially her mom - the birthday girl!) LOVED it!

It truly was a made-to-order designer cake!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Cake for Dog Lovers

When my aunt asked me to make a birthday cake for her sister-in-law, I said yes! When I asked what she had in mind, her answer definitely intimidated me - a Bernese Mountain Dog cake! It was the only natural choice seeing as my aunt's sister-in-law and her husband love, own and have even been known to breed BMD's, but it was still a daunting task!

After some research, I knew it would be impossible (and maybe a little scary looking) to make a realistic BMD cake, so I went the cute and cartoon-y route and this was the end result!

Needless to say, they LOVED it! It was the perfect cake for a BMD lover's birthday!

For more information about these precious pups, please visit this website:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let Them Eat....Salad?!?!

When my friend Emily asked me to make a birthday cake for her younger sister, of course I said yes! Emily and her parents were unsure of what kind of cake they wanted me to make, but after some thought, they came up with a pretty clever idea! Emily's sister actually doesn't really enjoy eating cake, so they thought to disguise the cake as her favourite meal - a salad!

Having a very specific idea of what a salad cake should look like in mind, I got started on what was sure to be a tedious cake job. Here are some pictures of the process as well as the final product.

The cake itself is meant to be a table with a tablecloth draped over it. On the tabletop, there's a wooden salad bowl with matching salad tongs, a napkin, and a "Happy Birthday" placecard (in keeping with the whole table theme!). In the wooden salad bowl, I put a mix of several different kinds of individually hand crafted and painted lettuce leaves, a sliced grilled chicken breast, red and orange peppers and some crunchy noodles!

They LOVED it!

I pretty much say this with every new cake that I make (but it's always true!), but this was one of my favourite cakes to make! Despite it being a terribly time consuming process, the end result was just too funny!

Since the cake looks like a salad, the caloric value per slice is significantly less...right??