Monday, July 25, 2011

40th Anniversary Cake!

I LOVE doing anniversary cakes! To be able to play a small role in something so special means a lot to me! And this anniversary cake was no exception!

We did a black and white striped cake, with 4 red roses on top - each one representing a decade of marriage. And of course, the traditional 40th wedding anniversary gift is a ruby, so we had to go with red (not to mention it looked awesome!)!

Here it is!

And here it is at the party, looking great and matching beautifully (and with slicing equipment nearby!)!

The cake was a success and everyone loved it - which may in fact make me happier than the anniversary couple themselves! :)

Spiderman Cake!

When I was asked to make a Spiderman cake for a 6 year old boy, I was super excited!! I haven't really done that many cakes for boys and when I do, it's usually sports! So I was happy to be able to try something new and different!

Here it is!

I put Spiderman's face on top, with buildings all around, and a 6 in front!!

Everyone loved the cake, especially the birthday boy, which of course, is the most important part! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Knitting Cake!

My mom is an avid knitter and when her favourite yarn store was having their 1st year anniversary, they knew they wanted something sweet to help celebrate!

What better way than with a cake?

I made this cake and a dozen matching cupcakes to resemble the store's logo

The cake and cupcakes were a huge success!!

To check out the logo and all of the store's great products, visit