Thursday, February 7, 2013

White & Blue Painted Flower Cake!

It was my grandmother's Birthday last Friday and being a recent transfer from Montreal to Toronto, I'd finally get to celebrate her Birthday with her since she too lives in the T.!

I just knew I wanted to make her something special and I had several ideas floating around in my noggin but one stood out in particular!

I have these blue and white dishes that a friend & co-worker from Montreal bought for me before I made the move to Toronto, and everytime my grandmother comes over she raaaaves about the dishes and the colours! With that in mind, I have been dying to make a painted cake! So I smooshed those two ideas together and got to work!

Here are my white petals waiting to be dusted.

Coloured and assembled:

First part of painting DONE!

And all put together...

And of course, matching cupcakes!

Everyone looooooved the cake! I was so happy with the way it turned out! I really just LOVE the look of painted cakes and it was soooooo much fun to make!

Definitely one of my new faves! :)

Sweet Treats!

There's nothing I love more than trying out new recipes.

The other day I stumbled upon a recipe for orange scones with chocolate chips! I just loooove the orange/chocolate combination so I HAD to try these!

Scones have quickly become one of my faaaavourite treats to whip up! They are super easy to make and super yummy to eat! Also they freeze perfectly and when you're ready to gobble them up, you just pop em right into the oven and Bob's your uncle! (Bob IS my uncle!)

Here are my dry ingredients plus my butter allllllll measured out!

My orangey wet ingredients:

Ready to bake...

Ready to eat...

If this doesn't say "eat me" then I don't know what does!

Next on my recipe list was salted caramel brownies! It was just something I NEEDED to try. Especially on a day like today, all snowy and what not. Perf.Ect.

All my ingredients measured out nicely! :)

My caramel cooking...

My brownie batter in the making...

All mixed together...

The leftover salted caramel...

Oh baby is that stuff good!

And the final product:


Gluten Free Chocolate Garden Cupcakes!

I'm a little late in posting but I've been so busy decorating and baking up a storm!

Last week I was asked last minute to whip up some gluten free cupcakes, decorated with a fresh food theme for a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution meeting! What fresher food is there than fruits and veg from a garden?!

I made little sugar eggplants, carrots, peaches, bananas, peas, potatoes, apples, grapes, radishes and pears! And of course some gardening essentials, a watering can and a spade (I think that's what it's called?? I have bad seasonal allergies so I try to stay away from gardening situations....)

Here are my chocolate gluten free cuppies, straight outta the oven!

They were QUITE delish for gluten free!! You couldn't even tell!

My little cupcake garden! Green white chocolate grass frosting for the fruit, and chocolate sprinkle dirt for the veggies! :)

I was so happy with the way they turned out! ESPECIALLY since they were a last minute request! And ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY since they were gluten free - my first time ever making anything sans gluten!

A success! :)