Sunday, October 17, 2010

Special Birthday Cake Surprise!

So as you can see, since I've started pastry school, I haven't had much time for cakes!

My dad's birthday was 2 weeks ago though and I had suuuuch a perfect cake design idea that I came up with in JUNE so I knew I'd have to make time to get it done!

I kind of cheated a bit, and by a bit I mean a LOT! I had my mom bake the cakes (from a BOX no less!) and when I came home from school, I got to decorating!

My dad is a man of many interests in life - one of those interests is magic!

So here was his birthday cake!

It's a magicians hat, white gloves, wand and bunny ears sticking out from under the hat!

My dad was VERY surprised! He was not expecting a custom birthday cake at all! He was only expecting something that I had made at school and brought home, which of course I did also (coffee mousse bombe and a chocolate mousse cake! YUM!)!

We had MANY yummy desserts that night so it was definitely another successful birthday cake surprise!! :)