Friday, June 25, 2010

Picnic Cake!

When my friend Emily's mom was to host a picnic themed luncheon for her co-workers, she knew that a cake specially designed to match the picnic theme would be just perfect! To get this task done, she turned to me!

When I was told that I could have creative control, I was SO excited to create the cutest little picnic scene in cake form!

Here it is!

The picnic featured on this cake includes a blanket, cooler and plates of chips, watermelon, grapes, bread with cheese and meat, and of course, cupcakes!

Everyone absolutely loved the cake! It fit the theme of the luncheon perfectly (I got to sneak a peek of the setup beforehand!)!

The upside to hosting a picnic themed luncheon indoors? No ants! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day BBQ Cupcakes!

There are few things in life my dad loves more than the grill, so with Father's Day approaching, I knew I had to incorporate the BBQ into his special Father's Day cupcakes!

Even though it was Father's Day, we put my dad to work at the BBQ for dinner, so these adorable little cupcakes were the PERFECT dessert to end my dad's special BBQ themed day!

Needless to say, he absolutely loved his custom cupcakes! It was indeed a happy Father's Day for my dad! :)

Flower Cupcakes!

My parents, unfortunately, are not so blessed when it comes to eyesight! So whenever it's time for them to get a new pair of glasses, I'm always brought along to give them a helpful opinion!

Both of my parents have gotten numerous glasses from the same place, so when it was time for them to get new pairs, we knew exactly where to go!

Since my parents always get their glasses not only from the same store but from the same woman as well, we thought it would be nice to surprise her with some delicious cupcakes to show appreciation for all the help she's provided to my visually impaired parents!

Here they are!

She (and the rest of the ladies working that day!) absolutely loved the cupcakes and couldn't wait for a coffee break to sneak a taste of the special treat!

Sometimes, a pretty little cupcake is the perfect - and yummiest! - way to say thanks!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jeopardy Cake!

What do you get when you mix a 60th birthday bash with a Jeopardy wiz, a loving family, and (of course,) a cake?


A Jeopardy cake!!

I was asked to make this quiz-show-themed cake for the 60th birthday of a huge Jeopardy fan! I made the stands with the the family members' names on them, and once I delivered the cake, they placed pictures of themselves behind the stands!

Truly the perfect cake for any Jeopardy lover out there!

Designer Cake!

When my friend Emily asked me to make a cake for her friend Daniela's birthday, I immediately knew the direction that the design of the cake was headed towards! Her friend Daniela enjoys the finer things in life when it comes to clothes and accessories so Emily wanted her birthday cake to reflect that side of her.

After lots of brainstorming, Emily decided that a birthday cake with a bright and floral Lilly Pulitzer print would just be perfect for Daniela!

Here it is!

The bright and summery colours and big flowers matched the print of the dress perfectly!

Oh, and of course Daniela LOVED her birthday cake! :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Flower Cake!

Ever since I've started this cake decorating journey, I'll jump at any chance to create a custom cake to help make an important occasion that much more special! With my boyfriend's mom's birthday coming up, I knew it was yet another great opportunity to make a beautiful cake to help celebrate her special day!

After talking with my boyfriend about possible cake design ideas, I realized he wouldn't be much help, so after lots of solo brainstorming, I came up with this!

I decided on a light pink cake with a white and black flower - something simple and elegant, something she would just love!

Though by now all of my family and friends expect a custom cake by me for their special celebrations, it's still nice to see how surprised they are when they finally get to see what the cake actually looks like!

Another cake, another success!