Friday, March 22, 2013

Pretty Flower Sugar Cookies!

After the smashing success of my last batch of Thank You sugar cookies, I was asked to make some more! What better way to show appreciation than with a box of gourmet, beautifully decorated sugar cookies?!

I was given carte-blanche except that I should incorporate purple and pink. Easy Peasy!

I decided to add some blue flowers as well, I was feeling very Spring-inspired!

Instead of doing the teeny tiny flowers that I did on the last set of cookies, I wanted these cookies to be allllllllll flower! So I made giant colourful flowers that really pop against the white background!

All packaged and ready to go :)

The cookies were a hit! I really really really really love doing sugar cookies. The possibilities are just endless and the outcome is always fab! They are just always so fun to make!

Can't wait for the next batch!

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